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Your sales process reached a plateau. Book of business isn’t growing as fast as needed. Time to say goodbye to old-fashioned sales process and start measuring and growing your agency business.

LEO is a CRM application custom-built to follow an MGA’s sales process. The focus is on bringing coordination and collaboration between underwriting and sales teams, optimize the overall business development funnel, allow for quicker decision making and growing the book of business. It is packed with a set of MGA specific prospect and existing agency metrics, to give a clear insight into pre-sales, sales and post-sales success. It is also built to integrate with existing Agency Management systems, in order to provide an easy data flow.

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Single source of truth for your agency relationships

Sales Lifecycle

LEO offers full sales activity capture, so the sales team can make sure each agency is attended to and managers could monitor activities on team and individual levels (log calls, automated emails log, video conferencing, call notes).

Agency information repository

Store every detail about your contacts, companies, and deals. Keep important information such as premium commitment, general information, contacts, agency or group information at fingertip.

Live connection to your agency management system

Centralize the data and insights, and remove the disconnect between sales and underwriting data. LEO offers integrated view of sales and underwriting teams success.

Pipeline Management

Customizable Kanban for tracking the steps in the funnel for easier lead qualification and scoring. Insight into the entire lead and customer base from one place.

Workflow Automation and Team Colaboration

Tasking module (automated and manual), ensures that all sales efforts are focused and well balanced. The sales team can organize and schedule the activities within the team, as well as with the underwriting department to align around common goals.


A suite of agency success metrics (hit ratio, loss ratio, etc.) helps measure the effect of sales and underwriting activities. The sales team and management can now draw conclusions, insights and prioritize efforts towards more engagement and increased customer lifetime value.

Email and Calendar Integration

The email logging is automated, decreasing the log maintenance time from sales and underwriting teams. Teams can schedule and overview activities in an integrated way, without having to switch between their regular and CRM calendar.

Mobile Friendly Version

Mobile optimized solution is included so the team can perform work while out of the office or their working stations.

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Log an Activity

Sales Process

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Sales and Success Metrics


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Creating tasks

Workflow Management

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