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ARIES in Submissions


XS Brokers (“XSB”), one of the leading MGAs in the market, recognized that E&S was entering uncharted territory, and they had begun mapping out a vision of the future focused on automation before the pandemic struck. They wanted to digitalize and streamline many of the processes that would allow them to improve customer journeys and levels of service and increase geographic footprint while reducing their operational costs. From the outset, the OIP Robotics Automation Team set its sights on eventually bringing automation to every corner of the XSB organization and automating every process that could be automated — in other words, end-to-end automation. Finding the right starting point was critical to launching an RPA initiative, especially one as ambitious as XSB’s plan.

Problem Statement

Problem Statement

Recognizing the efficiency and productivity benefits that Robotic Process Automation (RPA) and AI could deliver, XSB and OIP Robotics leaders mapped out a plan to scale automation, and the Submissions task was first in line.


Keeping up with hundreds of daily received submissions, became almost impossible in terms of quality and turnaround times. Submissions, a task that would traditionally have been completed through manual human processing and data entry, was never considered as a trustworthy automation candidate. A high number of variables, unstructured data, various high-level decision-making points, lack of standardization are just some of the many reasons why this and other industry tasks have shown very low automation adoption rates. Facing an ambitious technical challenge, XS Brokers needed a highly secure, robust platform that could navigate each page in the Acord application, extract all data points, and log them to the Agency Management System.

Our Solution

Our Solution

Using experience and foresight, OIP Robotics undertook the first two essentials needed for this mission: smart technology and a forward-thinking client. It was clear that XSB needed quick access to clean structured data to process the submission and provide a quote proposal. Using text extraction and process automation tools powered by artificial intelligence, OIP Robotics created ARIES, a customized specialty bot that augments and learns from the employee’s workflow. ARIES listens to the mailbox and extracts the data from PDF documents and transcribes the cleansed data to web and/or Windows applications, in unattended or attended mode. Sharing in the skepticism of extracting credible data from unstructured documents, a second validation level was created through partnering ARIES with chatbots. In the cases of blank fields or indecipherable handwriting, the chatbot obtains employee validation before continuing the process. During the process, XSB system is searched for already existing submissions and duplicates, making sure the received submission is unique in the system.

ARIES makes light work of 90 days of data entry in 20 days




The result was the streamlined submissions process yielding higher efficiencies and a future process map of end-to-end automation. The time to market was significantly reduced securing a more satisfying customer journey for XSB clients. Naturally, involving the technology meant reducing the resources needed to process the task manually and cost savings. OIP Robotics helps insurance market players to be among the leaders on the digital transformation journey. Our customer now focuses on writing more business, growing the book and we are taking care of the rest!

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